Tokenization is no longer the future, but it’s the present.



Tokenization is not just a thing, it is not something in trendy. Tokenization is no longer the future, but it’s the present already and of course with poker it couldn’t be different.

Flush Protocol was developed to solve issues that exist in the betting world, involving tournaments and casinos all over the world.

Flush’s goal is to bring an ease way to participate in betting games getting in and getting out through tokenization.

The process of buying chips after joining a poker game is a little bit laborious and when the game ends you must trade your chips back into cash. Flush Coin is a decentralized project aimed at the poker community.

we are also bringing to the poker community our Fan token which includes several new releases within tournaments, ticket purchases and VIP rooms in the best casinos around the world

The Flush DeFi Project intends to bring within 12 months or so a technological revolution to the entire universe of betting and get the Flush Coin listed on the largest exchanges in the world.